Green Tea 🍵

Hi readers Let's talk about green tea today. Well in my last post I mentioned that green tea is my current daily drink. I love all kinds of tea🤗; vanilla tea, hibiscus tea, ginger tea, grey tea, green grass tea, lemon tea and many other flavors. I can drink tea morning, afternoon and evening. But... Continue Reading →


Taking Stock One.

Hey readers, Finally this day has arrived. Are you excited as i am? i bit you are not🤣🤪. I got this idea of taking stock from this amazing Kenyan blogger @thisisess. Basically it is a way of keeping up with your daily or weekly activities. Taking stock helps you keep track of your life in... Continue Reading →

That kind of apology 😌♥️

Hey readers This week I was going to talk about talking stock, since I have been pushing it for far too long but I guess it is a post for next week since today am going to share with you a different story 😍. I always see in movies and series how people apologize to... Continue Reading →


Wakanda Dynasty😊

Since it has been a week of Black panther, i have decided to go with some rhythm this time around hope you like it, because am not good at this. I've been reading books of comic and old The legend and the myths Hercules and his Gold Achilles and his Gifts Spider man's control and... Continue Reading →


My sweet Valentine’s Day 🥀♥️

Everyday is a day of love but Valentine's Day is a special day of love. To express it, to share it and to appreciate it. I wonder why some people don't like Valentine's Day, I view my snap stories and people post I hate Valentine's Day 😩or others be like not you also google🤦🏾‍♀️is it... Continue Reading →


Lost and Found🤦🏾‍♀️🙈😄

Hi guys😊!!!! Here is to another Thursday ☺️, so let's get on with it. We all have that one favorite thing that we love dearly and when we lose it, things do not go as planned and we are forced to use another alternative or get a new one. Well I don't know about boys... Continue Reading →


Life After School👀🤪🤯

Hello there, "Small talk" What comes in your mind when you see this phrase "life after school", i know!! believe me i know🤦🏾‍♀️.  The majority of us just want to get a job, earn money and probably move out of  our parents house right? Well that is how it is normally supposed to be and... Continue Reading →


A sail to an island 🌴 🏖👙

Hello..... it's 2018 already how time flies without me posting. It has been a while since I have last posted 😔. But here is to the new year 🤗🤩. It was just a random well not really cause you have to plan for trip to anywhere around the world right?. So me and my friends... Continue Reading →


Make-up 💄💅🏾

Hi guys  It has been a while🤗.  Well I am trying to cope, as you all know I just started blogging and it might take a while be a... what do they call it? "A pro" guess that's the word. But tag along and hope you enjoy this topic with me as much as I... Continue Reading →


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