Channeling my old photos 🎞📽

A two weeks ago, I got home from work so tired that I wanted to go straight to bed and crush till my alarm goes off the next morning and resume my daily routine. Then I heard my younger brother laughing so loudly it caught my attention and decided to cure my curiosity. I barged... Continue Reading →


What is in your Beach bag?

Since it is summer, why not play with the sand and catch a beautiful sunset?🤗 So I recently went to the beach with a couple of my friends just to blow off some steam, have a good time and sunbathe. Then a thought came to me and I asked myself "what do you guys carry in... Continue Reading →

Tips and Stats (Vaseline)

I love talking about beauty and everything that comes along with it😍. So I recently purchased other jar of  Vaseline and realized  it is third one this year. Shocked?😱 Trust me! I was too. I think it is time for Vaseline to make me an ambassador in my country🤗. Well here is to why I use this product and... Continue Reading →

Holiday 🎊 🎉

It was just New Years then Easter followed by Eid and now it was Eid again, wow how time flies in a flip of a figure😱. Can you believe it will be September next week? I am still shook. Well as time flies we get to celebrate holidays, birthdays, weddings, different social parties and sometimes... Continue Reading →

Let go or Hold on!!🤔

Today I want your thoughts about what I am going to talk about. When do you know that you have had enough of anything you're dealing with? When do you know that you have hit your limits? Lets chat!!😎 There are two suggestions I could think of, either walk away (let go) or hold up for... Continue Reading →

Get to Know Me: 30 QnA’s

Aloha! I guess it is that time of questions and answers. I have been reading other bloggers' blog on this tag and viewing many Youtubers videos and I can say it has been fun. So why not do it so as you guys can get to know me a little bit more.  30 questions? Jeez... Continue Reading →

My City, I call it Home

You have ever wondered where I live? What kind of people are we? What to do when you want to visit? All these questions and maybe more. Well I am here to tell you all about it. All you have to do is hold steady and refrain from dropping your coffee/wine in your laps. Dar es... Continue Reading →

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